Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5D was created in January 2013 as a result of re-districting in 2012. ANC 5D currently represents the Washington, D.C. neighborhoods of Carver-Langston, Gallaudet, Ivy City, Trinidad and Union Market. ANC 5D is composed of seven elected Commissioners, who each represent approximately 2,000 residents in their single-member district.

ANCs are an entity of the DC Government. You can find out more about ANCs at the Office of ANCs web site. ANC 5D’s legal authority is defined by DC Code § 1–309.01 – 1–309.15 and the ANC 5D Bylaws.

This ANC web site (accessible at anc5d.org and anc5d.com) was established in December 2015 by Commissioner Adam Roberts, as requested by a resolution passed on November 18, 2015.