ANC 5D Map Amendment (ZC 19-30)

ANC 5D has a plan to preserve townhouses while increasing affordable housing.


ANC 5D has submitted a request for a map amendment from the Zoning Commission that impacts the Carver/Langston Neighborhood. A map amendment is a request to change the zoning of our community so that we can control what is built and where. It also creates an opportunity for us to exercise some control over the amount of affordable housing and the number of bedrooms in new units built with our community.

ANC 5D05 Zoning Map


The goal of this map amendment is to:

  • Increase multi-bedroom, affordable housing being created in our community
  • Provide the Commission with additional leverage to negotiate for contributions to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Ensure that new construction maintains front build lines on townhouse blocks that extend no more than 5 feet in front of the adjacent home
  • Encourage the creation of diverse neighborhood businesses that serve the needs of residents and create job opportunities close to home

Videos & Presentations

Watch meeting & hearing footage below to learn more.


April 27, 2020 – The Zoning Commission held a hearing on April 27, 2020 to review the Office of Planning set-down report on ANC 5D’s request to change the zoning in our neighborhood.


May 17, 2020 – Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D held more than 10 meetings on street corners and in community centers throughout Carver/Langston prior to submitting their application. The May 17, meeting shown below was conducted as a followup to inform the community of progress on the case and give residents the opportunity to ask questions