Zoning & Development Committee

The ANC-5D Zoning and Development Committee (ZDC) meets at 7:30 pm on the third Thursday of each month. ZDC meetings are held at the ANC 5D Community Meeting Room, The Edison Building (rear of Trader Joe’s), 371 Morse Street NE.

The ANC-5D Zoning and Development Committee (ZDC) was established to support and advise ANC 5D on zoning and development matters that affect the neighborhoods of Carver-Langston, Gallaudet, Ivy City, Trinidad, and Union Market and include more community stakeholders in the work of the ANC to tap the human resources, skills, and knowledge of our residents.

Contact Us: anc5Dzoning@gmail.com

BZA Case Summary Spreadsheet

To Join Our Meetings:

Dial Webinar ID: 829 6166 7182

Zoning & Development Approval Process

  • Any of the committees at any step in this process may refer your project to another committee for additional review.
  • ANC 5D requests a minimum of 10 days’ notice for any request to be included in the public meeting agenda.
  • ANC5D typically requests at least 2 presentations over a 60-day period before final approval is granted. Please see the flow chart below. The minimum time for gaining ANC 5D approval is approximately 75 days, but is often longer. Please schedule hearings and meeting dates with your respective commissioner and other government boards accordingly.